Geography, Environment, and Planning Research Colloquium Spring 2022

Department of Geography, Environment, and Planning 

Mondays 12-12:50 p.m. Wine Spectator Learning Center, Room 1001 - Contact Dr. Goman for more information,
Date Speaker/Title of Presentation

Jan. 31

Dr. Joan Florsheim, University of California, Santa Barbara, "Geomorphic Responses to Wildfire in Fluvial Ecosystems"
Feb. 7 Dr. Brad D. Jokisch, Ohio University, "Migration and Environmental Change: Do they cause each other?"
Feb. 14 Dr. Asha Weinstein Agrawal, San Jose State University, "From Turnpikes to Fuel Taxes to the Phantom Tollbooth: Equity, Sustainability, & the Future of Road Pricing"
Feb. 21 Dr. Scott Mensing, University of Nevada, Reno, "Reconstructing Century Long Droughts in the Great Basin, Nevada"
Feb. 28 Michelle Halbur, Pepperwood Preserve, "Back to Back Burns: Post -fire recovery and restoration of coastal forest"

Mar. 7

Dr. Leo Salas, Point Blue, "The fish and the seal (and the orca, and the penguins, and…): how new technologies and thousands of people are helping us understand the Antarctic marine food web"
Mar. 14 Dr. Claire Sugihara, UC Davis, "The Race to Zero Emission Transportation: Understanding Electrification Decisions in California Fleets"
Mar. 28 TBA
Apr. 4 Dr. Stephen Young, Salem State University, "Climate Change in New England:  The research, student engagement, and public engagement" Via Zoom! Please contact Dr. Goman for the link (
Apr. 11 Dr. Amy Lee, UC Davis, "Putting our Cash Where Our Climate Policy Is? Transportation Investment, Induced Travel, and Climate Change in California"
Apr. 18 Dr. Zeke Baker, Sonoma State University, "Linked Political Ecologies of Colonial Exploitation: The Pribilof Islands-San Francisco Bay Area Connection, c. 1850-1900"
Apr. 25 Dr. Rheyna Laney, Sonoma State University, "Delivering Wildlife on Productive Agricultural Lands Effectively: The case of migratory shorebirds on California rice lands"
May 2 Dr. Jeff Baldwin, Sonoma State University, "How to Make a Tropical Beach, and How We Might Study That"
May 9 Dr. Sarah White, University of California, Berkeley, "Hydroclimate of western North America: A case study from the most recent time pCO2 was as high as it is today"