BA - Planning for Sustainable Communities

Planning for Sustainable Communities

This concentration is designed for students who would like to follow a pre-professional curriculum in planning.

Unfortunately due to expected future budget constraints we are reluctantly having to put the Planning for Sustainable Communities (PSC) concentration on hiatus.

This does not affect students currently in the concentration and you will continue in this degree plan.  However, we know that some of you may have been working towards the PSC concentration, but have not yet declared….. Now is the time to do so. If you are in this situation you must declare in PSC by August 21st 2020 (i.e. by the end of the first week of Fall classes).

To declare the concentration please complete the online Change of Major form. Please list Dr. Fang as your advisor on the form.

CORE Courses

Concentration (15 units minimum beyond breadth)

Group I (all required) Units GE
GEP 361 Planning Theory & Methodology 3-4  
GEP 362 Environmental Impact Assessment 2-3  
GEP 363 Land Use Law 3  
Group II (choose two) Units GE
GEP 364 Environmental Planning 4  
GEP 365 Healthy Communities Planning 3-4  
GEP 366 Planning for Sustain. Communities 3  
GEP 367 Transportation Planning 3  
GEP 368 Urban Design I: The Urban Form 3  

Supporting Courses (6 units minimum)

Complete two of the following courses: Units GE
ANTH 352 Global Issues 4  
BIOL 131 Biol. Div. & Ecology 3-4  
ECON 204 Macroecon. 4 D5
ECON 205 Microecon. 4 D2
ECON 381 Nat. Res. & Env. Econ. 4  
GEOL 323 Hydrology 4  
GEOL 306 Environmental Geology 4  
GEOL 303/ Adv. Prin. of Geol. (must take w/GEOL 304)    
GEOL 304/ Map & Rep. Writing 5 B3
HIST 471 The American West 4  
POLS 314 Environ. Political Theory 4  
POLS 452 Politics of the Developing World 4  
SOCI 425 Urban Sociology 4  
SOCI 482 Sociology of the Environment 4  
SSCI 299 Soph. Seminar: How to Think Like a Social Scientist 3 E
WGS 385 Transnational Feminisms 4