GEP Current Students

Bachelor of Arts in Geography and Environment

Note: The information here is for students in the current Major program (2018-2019 Catalog). Students graduating in the older program should see a pre-2018 SSU Catalog and be sure to consult with an adivisor.

In keeping with the disciplines of Geography and Environmental studies, our Geography and Environment degree focuses upon bridging the natural and social sciences in order to produce more holistic and systemic analysis.

Our Geography and Environment degree offers students the option of five concentrations within the broader discipline. These concentrations provide students with disciplinary breadth and allows them to pursue their interests in: Environmental Systems; Society, Environment, and Development; Geospatial Science and Technology; Sustainable Communities; and Planning for Sustainable Communities.

Due to the interdisciplinary nature of the degree program all concentrations share foundational and intermediate courses, which ensure that graduates have a strong background in both the natural, social, and quantitative sciences while developing their research and problem-solving skills. The foundational and intermediate courses focus on four areas reflecting our concentrations: environmental studies, geography, geospatial analysis, and planning.

More specialized concentration courses provide a depth of knowledge in the student’s chosen concentration. All students culminate their studies by taking Professional Development, a minimum of 4 units of Practical Experience, and a two semester Capstone course. In addition, the curriculum strengthens students’ writing, critical thinking, and oral presentation skills; areas that are important for any successful career. The department’s strong intern program further affords students on-the-job experience.

Degree Requirements Units
General Education (48 total, 7-20 units in major 28-41 units remaining in GE
Major Courses 54-67
General Electives 23-40
Total units needed for graduation 120


Courses required for the major must be taken for a traditional letter grade, except for courses that are offered CR/NC only. Students must earn a C- or better in any course applied to the major.