Internships provide an opportunity to 1) explore a career field that interest you; and 2) apply the academic knowledge and skills that you have acquired on campus to a real world experience.

Exploring and Considering an Internship

An internship is not required. It is one option in the GEP major’s Professional Preparation category.

Before pursing an internship, we recommend that you take GEP 310: Professional Development. In that course, you will explore career fields and identify internship opportunities that are relevant to the specific career fields that interest you. You will also clarify whether an internship is the right professional-development pathway for you.

We recommend that you take GEP 310 during your junior year. That will give you time to participate in an internship during the summer before your senior year or during your senior year.

Internships involve a significant amount of time. Students typically take 2-3 internship units, earning one unit of credit for every 45 hours of work. Hence, you need to anticipate 90-135 hours of internship work, on top of your coursework and other commitments. Internship units are not counted as part of the unit limit per semester. Nevertheless, you need to be careful about taking on too much work within a semester. Manage your time carefully.


Current SSU policy states that you cannot participate in an internship that involves face-to-face contact. You must conduct the work remotely. When that policy changes, we will update this information.

Qualifying for an Internship

You must be a GEP major and have junior- or senior-level standing with a minimum GPA of 2.75. If you do not meet these requirements, you should pursue other options or appeal to the Department Chair for special permission.

Signing up for an Internship

You do NOT register for the internship course (GEP 317) as you would any other course. Instead, you will sign up through a process designed specifically for ‘contract courses.’  The GEP internship coordinator (currently Dr. Rheyna Laney) manages that registration process, and all other aspects of the internship course.

GEP 317 has a Canvas site. That site will take you through the process of 1) receiving permission to pursue an internship; 2) registering for GEP 317; 3) filing midterm and final reports; and 4) verifying completion of the hours from your on-site supervisor.

To get access to that Canvas site, email the internship coordinator directly and ask to be ‘invited.’