GEP Professor Kevin Fang: Transportation in a Post Pandemic World

February 23, 2021
dashboard of a car

GEP Professor, Kevin Fang didn't waste any research opportunities when the COVID lockdowns were put in place. Transportation is one of Professor Fang's specialties and when behaviors changed and carbon emission dropped the evidence was real and so were the air quality gains. New questions come up as the pandemic subsides and transportation continues to evolve. What are the clean transportation alternatives and where will transportation behavior go from here? Professor Kevin Fang and transportation expert Shiloh Ballard conducted a research survey looking at Silicon Valley attitudes toward transportation that may provide some clues. Professor Fang will review the results of that survey, weigh it against our current behavior, and reflect on the possibilities in a post-pandemic world at the upcoming 2021 State of the Valley Conference, Silcon Valley's Annual Town Hall meeting.