Courses & Schedules

This is the first semester of an intensive, year-long project in which students conduct original research and/or produce a professional product. During Fall semester, students formulate a research project and develop the research skills needed to conduct that project. Students choose an appropriate section in consultation with an advisor. This course is offered in the Fall only.

A continuation of GEP 490, in the Spring semester students conduct their work, produce their final product, and present their results. Students continue the same section that they completed in GEP 490. This course is offered in Spring Only.

Students produce a capstone project in their area of study while working in a county or city agency, or other organization. Credit is given with completion of three components, all pre-arranged in consultation with the internship coordinator. 1. Students will work 135 hours, verified through their direct supervisor. 2. Students will formulate, propose and conduct a research project in the context of that experience and write a concise and professional report on their analysis and findings. 3. Students will present that research orally.

Independent study designed in consultation with an instructor. Requires prior approval of GEP faculty member and department chair. Course may be repeated for credit for up to 8 units.

Intensive study of selected topics related to geography, environment, and/or planning. Topics vary from semester to semester. May be repeated for credit with consent of instructor.

A single subject or set of related subjects not ordinarily covered by the GEP Department. Offerings will vary depending on visiting faculty, experimental courses, and educational needs.

Advanced research and writing. Students work under close supervision of faculty members. Subject matter variable. May be repeated for credit.