Internships provide an opportunity for you to explore a career field and apply your academic knowledge to a real world experience.

Considering an Internship

Internships are not required. They are an option in the major’s Professional Preparation category.

You should first take GEP 310: Professional Development -- preferably in your late junior or early senior year. In that course, you will explore career fields and identify internships that are relevant to specific career fields.

Internships require 45 hours of work for each unit of credit. Most GEP students will pursue 2-unit internships. Be careful about taking on too much work within a semester.

Finding an internship

GEP maintains a Canvas site that lists a wide variety of internships, organized by career area. To get access to that site, email the internship coordinator directly (currently Dr. Rheyna Laney) and ask to be invited.

Signing up

You do NOT register for the internship course (GEP 317) as you would any other course. Internships are ‘contract courses’ that require a different signup process. 

The GEP internship coordinator (currently Dr. Rheyna Laney) maintains a Canvas site for managing that registration process. On that site, you will: 1) request permission to pursue an internship; 2) register for GEP 317; 3) file midterm and final reports; and 4) verify completion of the hours from your on-site supervisor.

To get access to that site, email the internship coordinator directly and ask to be invited.