GEP Forum


An invitation to SSU Faculty, Staff, Students, & Community Members

Our Geography, Environment, and Planning (GEP) Department here at Sonoma State invites you to join our GEP forum. We meet via Zoom from 12-12:50 on Monday this Fall 20. All are welcome, please contact Kimberly Kaido-Alvarez ( for the zoom link.




Subject/Description of Topic


August 31st

Suzanne DeCoursey Education program director, Osborn Preserve

Research and internship opportunities with SSU‘s preserves, land management, and more broadly with the Center for Environmental Inquiry

September 14th

Prof Javi Hernandez Ayala

GEP department

(Geospatial and Environmental Systems Focus)

A national expert on hurricanes and climate change Prof Hernandez will tell us about his research into extreme weather and opportunities for student research in his lab

September 21st

Frankie Malamud-Roam

Scientist, Army Corp of Engineers

Managing water in California as climates and demands change

September 28th

Prof. Michelle Goman

Chair, GEP department

(Environmental Systems Focus)

Research into early human settlement and paleo-climates in the SF Bay area and in Southern Mexico. She will also tell us more about our Environmental Systems focus, and describe research opportunities with her here at SSU

October 5th

Sarah Allen ~ Marine Ecologist with the National Park Service

Research focus on the ecologies of the Channel Islands National Parks and working with the Parks Service

October 12th

Ellie Cohen ~ Director of The Climate Center, Sonoma County

Establishing sustainable energy systems and climate change mitigation. Ms. Cohen will also discuss Internships with the Climate Center and Careers in sustainable anergy and a greener economy

October 19th

Prof Kevin Fang

GEP department

(Planning for Sustainable Communities focus)

Dr Fang will discuss his research into urban planning – some really interesting work there on alternative modes of transportation, utilizing student research assistants

October 26th

Prof Rheyna Laney

GEP department

(Society, Environment, and Development focus)

In addition to information about our SED focus, Prof Laney will present her research into increasing winter avian habitat among the Central Valley’s rice fields through Payment for Ecosystem Service programs

November 2nd

Vince Trotter ~ Sustainable Agriculture Coordinator – Marin County

Julia Van Soelen Kim ~ Food System Advisor for Marin, Napa, Mendocino and Sonoma Counties

Cultivating sustainable food systems in the northern San Francisco Bay area

November 9th

Prof Matthew Clark

GEP department

(Geospatial Science focus)

Dr. Clark will share his research in the "Soundscapes to Landscapes (S2L) project which uses remote sensing (satellite imagery, Drone captured data, and automated recording devices to characterize our area’s avian habitat and populations

November 16th

Ashlee Llewellyn Vice Chair of CA GIS Council

SSU Graduate, currently Program Coordinator for Marin County Public Works Water Resources Division. Ashlee will talk with us about working in the GI Science field. Ashlee has held a variety of fascinating public and private sector positions and is very familiar with that professional environment.

November 23rd

Parks and land Management

James Gergus – SCRP Ranger

Elif Myers - Consulting Utility Forester for Davey Resources

Two GEP graduates both involved in land use management on public and private lands here in Sonoma County. Elif graduated in 2020 while James graduated in 2016.

November 30th

Sonoma County Water Agency Chase Takajo, Engineer

Allyson Souza Steam habitat management

Two alumni working with SCWA in Engineering and in Habitat restoration and management tell us about their journey and opportunities at SCWA and other water agencies