Honors Graduates

The Department grants distinction to majors who have contributed exceptional service to the Department. Some recent recipients of the honor include:

Elise PiazzaJohn DunstanMariah ChastainElif MyersPeter Forte

(Left to Right/ Top to Bottom)-Elise Piazza, John Dunstan, Mariah Chastain, Elif Myers, and Peter Forte (Spring 2020)

GEP 2019 Grads with distinction

Emma Forester, Sinoun Phoung, Dakota Whitman, Justin Brown, Eric Riordan, and Keith Green (Spring 2019)

Makayla Freed, John Guice, Rose Snyder

Makayla Freed, John Guice, and Rose Snyder (Fall 2018)

Andrew Fowler and Raelyn Caldwell

Andrew Fowler and Raelyn Caldwell (Spring 2017)

Claudia Sisomphou

Claudia Sisomphou (Fall 2017)

Sastra McGinley

Sastra McGinley (Fall 2017)