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graduation graphic Graduation!!: Celebrating 2020 (Sat. 5/15 @ 4pm) and 2021 (Sun. 5/23 @ 11:30) Grads! More info HERE
Exciting New Degree Offerings for FALL 21! : More Info HERE
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Congratulations to GEP Student Hannah Meeks!: Hannah (Planning for Sustainable Communities Concentration) is the recipient of the Northern Section, California Planning Association Scholarship for 2020-2021!

Welcome to the Department of Geography, Environment, and Planning (GEP). We prepare students for careers in environmental professions, for graduate studies, and for their role as informed and thoughtful global citizens. We offer degrees in Geography and Environment (BA) and Environmental Studies (BS) with emphasis on:

  • Understanding human-environment conflict and collaboration
  • Building resilience with environmental systems
  • The application of geospatial and quantitative analyses to solve complex environmental and societal problems
  • Designing resource-resilient and socially just communities
  • Planning urban spaces for sustainability