Degree Programs

Programs Offered

Bachelor of Arts in Geography and Environment

With the following concentrations:

  • Society, Environment, and Development
  • Environmental Systems
  • Geospatial Analysis and Technology
  • Sustainable Communities
  • Planning for Sustainable Communities (not currently accepting new students)

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies

  • Energy Management and Design

Minor in Geography and Environment

GEP Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

Students will gain the following skills and experiences through the GEP Program:

PLO1 (Knowledge): Articulate and explain major social and environmental processes, and their interactions, in both the natural and built environment

PLO2 (Analysis): Analyze quantitative, qualitative and spatial evidence through multiple analytical frameworks and reach logical conclusions

PLO3 (Communication): Demonstrate effective written and oral communication skills

PLO4 (Experience): Identify career fields of interest, and then engage in an experience that 1) explores one of those fields; and 2) applies the academic knowledge and skill sets they have acquired to a real-world situation