GE Information

  • All students are required to complete an appropriate GE Pattern.
  • Students should use their Academics Requirement Report (ARR) to understand and track specific GE requirements.
  • If you have questions, please contact The Advising Center or your Departmental Advisor.
GEP (General Education) Courses Units GE Area
GEP 110- Communication of Environmental Issues 3.0 A1
GEP 201-Global Environ. Systems 3.0 B1
GEP 201b- Global Environ. Systems Lab 1.0 B3
GEP 203-Human Geography 3.0 D
GEP 206-Society, Environ. & Sustain. Development 3.0 E
GEP 305-World Regions in Global Context 3.0 UD-D
GEP 306-World Regions in Global Context: Asia 3.0 UD-D
GEP 351- Natural Hazards 3.0 UD-B
GEP 355- Weather & Climate 3.0 UD-B
GEP 371-Social Geography 3.0 E


GE Area Key:

D5-Contemporary International Perspective

B1-Physical Science

B4-Math Concepts

D2-World History and Civilization

A1-Oral Communication

E-Integrated Person