GE Information

Each baccalaureate candidate is required to complete an appropriate GE Pattern. It is recommended that students use their Academic Requirements Report to understand and track the specific GE requirements. If you have questions, please contact your advisor.

More Information on GE Patterns

GEP (General Education) Courses Units GE Area
GEP 201-Global Environ. Systems 3.0 B1
GEP 203-Human Geography 3.0 D2
GEP 205-World Regional Geography 3.0 D5
GEP 206-Society, Environ. & Sustain. Development 3.0 E
GEP 305-World Regions in Global Context 4.0 D5
GEP 351- Natural Hazards 3.0 UD-B
GEP 355- Weather & Climate 3.0 UD-B
GEP 371-Social Geography 3.0 E


GE Area Key:

D5-Contemporary International Perspective

B1-Physical Science

B4-Math Concepts

D2-World History and Civilization

A-Communication and Critical Thinking

E-Integrated Person