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Dr Goman and student at graduation

We offer several degree programs that are designed to prepare students for a wide range of careers involving human interactions with the environment. 

The BA in Environmental Studies, Geography & Planning focuses on environmental policy, urban planning and sustainable development. It is a great choice for students who want to understand the root causes of environmental problems and help promote a more sustainable and just world.

The BS in Environmental Science, Geography & Management emphasizes the application of natural and geospatial sciences while solving problems in environmental management. It is designed for who would like to develop their math, computer, and natural-science skills more deeply and apply those skills into their future jobs.

The Minor in GEP provides an opportunity for students to compliment their major degree with suite of courses that develops their understanding of the environmental systems, policies, and management. 

Additional Degrees

The department administers two additional interdisciplinary degrees, which draw on courses from GEP as well as other departments.

Major in Global Studies

Globe resting on a book


This major is a great option students who are interested in:

  • examining social challenges from an interdisciplinary, holistic, and global perspective
  • studying abroad for a semester or year
  • pursuing careers that value multi-cultural communication skills and understanding

Global Studies

Minor in Sustainability

Singapore Gardens


This minor draws on courses from across the University, allowing students to explore the issue of sustainability from a broad set of perspectives.

Minor in Sustainability Degree Plan

FAQs for the Minor

Program Learning Outcomes

KNOWLEDGE: Articulate and explain major social and environmental processes, and their interactions, in both the natural and built environment

ANALYSIS: Apply analytical concepts, frameworks, methods and evidence-based reasoning to draw conclusions, solve problems, or optimize a plan

COMMUNICATION: Demonstrate effective writing and presentation skills

PROFESSIONAL PREPARATION: Apply academic knowledge and skills to a real-world experience and prepare for a professional career