Legacy Degree

Bachelor of Arts in Geography and Environment

The current degree in Geography and Environment will no longer be offered starting Fall 2021. Students currently working towards the degree will have different options depending on their degree progress. 
1) Complete current degree under the formalized teach out plan (changes are bolded below)
or 2) Switch to one of the new degree plans.  Students should attend an Overview of the new degree plans (or watch the uploaded presentation when available) and then consult with a faculty advisor. 

All Geography, Environment, & Planning BA concentrations share the same core Foundational, Breadth, and Professional Preparation courses. See the tables below for specific requirements. For questions and further information, consult with your faculty advisor. 

Foundation Courses

Environmental Systems (Choose one course from each category) Units GE
GEP 201 Global Environmental Systems 3 B1
Applied Quantitative Analysis Units GE
GEP 280 Found. in Environ Data & Analysis 4  
Society, Environment, and Development Units GE
GEP 203 Human Geography 3 D2
GEP 205 World Regional 3 D5
GEP 206 Society, Environment, and Sustainable Development 3 E
Sustainable Communities Units GE
GEP 211 GEP Forum 1  

Breadth Courses

Environmental Systems (Choose one course from each category) Units GE
GEP 340 Applied Ecology 3  
GEP 351 Natural Hazards 3 B
GEP 355 Weather and Climate 3 B
Geospatial Analysis Units GE
GEP 387 Introduction to GIS 4  
Society, Environment, and Development Units GE
GEP 324 Climate Change & Society 4  
GEP 325 Global Food Systems 4  
GEP 330 Environmental HIstory 4  
Sustainable Communities Units GE
GEP 360 Introduction to Planning 4  
GEP 370 Globalization and the City  4  
GEP 373 Energy, Technology & Society  3-4  


Professional Preparation

Professional Prep + Capstone Project Units GE
GEP 310 Professional Development (Required) 2  
Capstone units moved to concentration areas with the teach out (students must take a 400 level course)    


Practical Experiences

Choose courses in consultation with your advisor. Units GE
GEP 312 Professional Conferences 1-2  
GEP 313 Field Experience 1-2  
GEP 314 Field Experience Abroad 2-3  
GEP 316 Research Assistant in GEP 1-4  
GEP 317 Internship* 1-4  

*Internships are highly encouraged.

Courses required for the major must be taken for a traditional letter grade, except for courses that are offered CR/NC only. Students must earn a C- or better in any course applied to the major.

Note: The information here is for students in the current Major program (2019-2020 Catalog). Students graduating in the older program should see a pre-2019 SSU Catalog and be sure to consult with an adivisor.