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Jeff Baldwin

Emeritus Professor

Profile of Dr. Balwin
Jeff Baldwin




Stevenson Hall, Room 3602

I feel that teaching is a very central part of who I am as an academic professional. Through my teaching I endeavor to help students learn how to use geography as an analytic perspective, and as a body of knowledge which is useful in both career development and in inter-personal effectiveness.

I continue to develop two areas of research. The first focuses upon understanding and changing some of the philosophical tenants that support environmentally damaging practices. I am especially interested to show various ways that environmental communities work to provide important services to human economies, and to better understand how social groups could work more cooperatively with those communities. I draw specifically from Marx’s ontological work and from the field of eco-feminism in that pursuit. I also incorporate environmental history, political economy, and political ecology perspectives in that work.

My second field of interest revolves around tourism and the production of touristic landscapes. I have conducted research in Antigua in the West Indies and hope to expand my area of study to other islands in that area. Now that I am at Sonoma State, I plan to pursue a long-standing interest in wine tourism. I am interested in investigating the industry’s environmental implications, the embodied production of touristic spaces by tourism workers and operatives, and the experience of visitors to these spaces. I draw from Henri Lefebvre’s work on the production of space and use qualitative, geophysical, and spatial analysis methods in that research.


Ph.D.— Geography, University of Oregon 2003

M.A.— Geography, University of Oregon 1998

B.A.— Finance, University of Oregon

Academic Interests

  • Human-Environment Inter-Relationships
  • Tourism Geographies
  • Globalizing Economies
  • The Caribbean and Latin America

Selected Publications & Presentations

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Recent Papers

Baldwin, Jeff. 2011. “Some Problems With and Alternatives to Using Statistical Habitat Suitability I ndices and Historical Presence to Identify Likely Beaver Re-introduction Sites in Oregon”. Conference of the Association of Pacific Coast Geographers, San Francisco, CA.

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Baldwin, Jeff. 2010. “Environmental history and animal agency.” Annual Conference of the Society of California Geographers, Fullerton, CA.