Climate Research Center (CRC)

The Climate Research Center (CRC) conducts research on climate science phenomena like hurricanes, droughts and floods with a special focus on their connections with climate variability, climate change and ·human activities. The CRC promotes the application of statistical methods and geographic information systems (GIS) to address climate science problems in the Sonoma area or anywhere in the planet. The CRC aims to collaborate in multidisciplinary climate research with members of the SSU community, organizations or individuals in the Sonoma area or with researchers from other institutions in the country or the world. The CRC provides state-of-the-art computers and cutting-edge software to study and analyze a vast array of problems in climate science. Students working in the CRC can experience climate science in action and will gain essential research experience and data analysis skills.

Recent Publications:

Director of CRC: Professor, José Javier Hernández Ayala (

The Climate Research Center is located in Stevenson Hall, Room 3716

(707) 664-3844