Garden Classroom

SSU students have maintained a food-producing organic garden on campus since the 1970’s.

The Campus Garden is a hidden gem, located next to the Environmental Technology Center. The garden serves as a demonstration and teaching tool for students, the greater SSU community and the public. Through internships, volunteering, and classroom experiences, students gain a sense of place, community, purpose, and an enriched academic experience. Showcasing sustainable landscape practices and how these contribute to biodiversity and environmental health is a primary goal of the Campus Garden along with growing different varieties of healthy organic fruits and vegetables. Well over 1000 pounds of produce representing dozens of different food crops are donated annually to local food banks including (NOAH – Neighbors Organized Against Hunger), based on Snyder Lane only a few blocks from campus and SSU's very own Lobo's Food Pantry.

We welcome your involvement, support, questions and input. Please contact the faculty supervisor Professor, Daniel Soto for more information