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Jobs through the GEP Department

The Geography, Environment, & Planning Department has varying types of employment opportunities for students. Students may work as a Student Assistant for a particular lab (SQUAL, GIS etc.) or project (SSU garden, GEP Forum assistant etc.) or they may take on an Instructional Student Assistant position, assisting a faculty member with a particular course. Instructional Student Assistants spend the majority of their time assisting with teaching duties, grading or tutoring over the course of an academic term. Some positions require prior experience or advanced knowledge of GEP coursework. 

These positions are advertised through Sonoma State's Human Resources Department and the Faculty Affairs' listserv. Some years the positions may change or not be available due to program changes. Students will be required to complete the employment process prior to undertaking any hours.

For more information, please contact:

The Department of Geography, Environment, and Planning 

Student Jobs at SSU

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Student Jobs off-campus, oriented towards GEP

Explore Jobs on GEP's Career Resources Canvas site

If you do not have access to that Site already, send an email to Dr. Laney and ask for an invitation (