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Owl looking at the camera
GEP and Global Students on the Dean's List- Fall 23
ErendiraCeballos BarajasESGM-BS
Beaver sitting up in pond
Dr. Baldwin quoted in BBC story about beaver

Dr. Baldwin provides expertise on Oregon's historical policies towards beaver, and how those policies are changing. Read the story here

Visual renditions of bird call patterns
Clark: Classifying Bird Vocalizations

There is a need for monitoring biodiversity at multiple spatial and temporal scales to aid conservation efforts.

Graph showing predicted and observed species richness
Clark: Estimating bird species richness with acoustic patterns

Ecoacoustic monitoring has proliferated as autonomous recording units (ARU) have become more accessible. ARUs provide a non-invasive, passive method to assess ecosystem dynamics related to vocalizing animal behavior and human activity.

Woman at desk thinking about work travel plans
Fang: Post-Pandemic Travel Patterns among Remote Workers

Almost half of all jobs in the San Francisco Bay Area are “remote-eligible” – more than any other metropolitan area in the

Shorebirds on Ricefields in California
Laney: Analyzing the cost-effectiveness of deliving wildlife habitat on ag lands

Promoting wildlife habitat on working agricultural land is a growing conservation priority, and agri‐environment schemes are using payments for environmental services (PES) to reach these privately owned lands.