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Professor Hernández Ayala Published on Climate Trends

January 27, 2023

In this study, climate trends in oceanic and atmospheric parameters (including the sea surface temperatures, ocean heat content, cloud cover, mid-level humidity, vertical wind shear, and sea level pressure) were used to model the tropical cyclone,


Professor Hernández Ayala Comments on Hurricane Fiona

September 30, 2022

Professor Hernández Ayala's groundbreaking research linking climate change and extreme weather is providing context as scientists begin to compare Hurricane Maria and Hurricane Fiona.

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Professor Clark: CAL FIRE Wildfire Severity Modeling Research

May 6, 2022

By Katia Katunaric, GEP Senior

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Congratulations GEP & GLBL Studies Spring 22 Graduates

May 5, 2022

We are so proud of all your hard work and efforts!

Toriann Cruz Abercrombie

Kirsten Arnett

Abraham De Jesus (DJ) Ayala

Vance P Barnum

Jordyn Bauer

Professor Hernandez Ayala

Climate Change and Rainfall: Professor José Javier Hernández Ayala Quoted in the Washington Post

April 13, 2022

Research on Climate change reveals hourly hurricane rainfall totals in 2020 were up 11 percent, compared with those in the preindustrial era.


Interdisciplinary Tree Canopy Fire Research

April 11, 2022

Professor Matthew Clark and past GEP undergraduate students Corbin Matley and Michelle Villasenor worked with Masters graduate student Brianne Forbes and professor Lisa Bentley in Biology on a study to assess different forms of remote sensing tech

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Campus Garden Makes Noma News

December 21, 2021

The fruits of a labor of love are paying off in the campus garden. Taming the weed haven that took over during COVID lockdowns was no easy task, but Garden Steward, Sophia Pruden and team rose to the challenge.

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Congratulations GEP & GLBL Studies Fall 2021 Graduates

December 7, 2021

Fall 2021 Graduates

Sabrina R. Bennett

Brenet Meranville-Brisebois Butler

Alicia J. Campos

Isaiah Bishop Cervantes

Diego Cornejo-Esquivel